How to maintain your boiler [a guide]

How to maintain your boiler [a guide] – Platinum PlumbersThis New Year, your reliance on your boiler will increase as temperatures drop and winter is in full effect. You will want to make sure that you have a consistent heating and hot water supply to keep your family warm at this time of year. Taking steps such as giving your boiler a regular clean, bleeding your radiators, and keeping an eye on boiler pressure can help to ensure your system continues working efficiently through the winter months. Find out more about some of the ways you can maintain your boiler.

Clean your boiler regularly

Your boiler may be tucked away in your garage or a cupboard somewhere in your home, but it is likely to collect dust over time. This could affect how efficiently it operates. You can safely clean the outside of your boiler and remove any build-up of dust that you notice. Cleaning the inside of your boiler can be dangerous, and attempting to do this could result in a gas leak or an impact on how your boiler operates. We recommend calling a professional Gas Safe registered engineer who can carry this out safely.

Bleeding your radiators

If it has been a while since you checked your radiators they may not be warming up as efficiently as they once were. This will cause your home to heat more slowly, costing you more on your heating bills. Bleeding your radiators is a straightforward but effective way to ensure that they are heating up more quickly and are keeping you and your family warm throughout the colder months. Simply open the valve to let any trapped air escape and your radiators should be back to operating at maximum efficiency.

Check boiler pressure

Your boiler pressure can have a significant impact on how effectively and efficiently it heats your home. Over time, your boiler can gradually lose pressure, which could cause it to stop working. Keeping an eye on the pressure gauge and making sure pressure is at the recommended level can make sure that this doesn’t happen. If you need to repressurise your boiler, you can do this by following the instruction in the manual or contacting a boiler engineer to help you.


Powerflushing is a process that focuses on deep cleaning your radiators and pipework, clearing out any dirt, rust, or grime that may have built up over many years. It involves an engineer using a powerful machine and takes around 90 minutes to clear out your whole system. You can expect your heating system to operate a lot more efficiently once this has taken place.

Book a boiler service

The best way to maintain your boiler is to have it looked at by a professional. Contacting a qualified boiler engineer can allow them to carry out all the important checks to your system and make sure your boiler is operating safely and at maximum efficiency. Booking a service on an annual basis is an effective way of ensuring a healthy boiler.

If you would like to arrange a boiler service or repair with a team of qualified experts, contact our team at Platinum Plumbers. We are Gas Safe registered boiler engineers who will make sure that your system is working as it should. If you would like to speak to our team or get booked in, give us a call on 020 8855 0361 or email . Get in contact with us today.

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