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Gravesend is located just 21 miles from Charing Cross, and is situated in the north western part of Kent. With a wealth of historical and geographical features such as the famous Windmill Hill, there’s an endless amount of places to visit. The A226 and A227 run right through the centre of the town while the North Kent line includes Gravesend Station along its route, with high speed and metro services both offered.


If you have a plumbing emergency, call us today on 020 8855 0361 and we can arrange a visit from one of our dedicated team of engineers.

Your professional and reliable plumbers in Gravesend

Platinum Plumbers deliver both quality and value (2)Platinum Plumbers deliver both quality and value (3)

The friendly plumbers that can do it all

It’s not every day you find plumbers than can cover all plumbing-related jobs and who are reliable and professional. Meet Platinum Plumbers in Gravesend! Family-run and with a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability we are the friendly face for all your plumbing needs. We have been helping our clients for 20 years making sure they are fully satisfied when we finish each job.

Clients such as the one who need help with sorting out the leaky taps in the kitchen. It had been going on for a few days by the time we were called out and we were able to find and fix the leak that morning, leaving her relieved and happy that it was fixed. We haven’t been called back so can only assume there have been no further problems!

Our reputation is based on hard work and we are intent on keeping it that way. It makes no difference to us whether a job is large or small, because it makes no difference to you. Whether we are fixing a leaky tap or unblocking a sink, installing a new bathroom, or servicing or installing a boiler why not give Platinum Plumbers a call? With our experience and professional approach – and of course we are Gas Safe registered – we are sure that you will be satisfied.

We’re here when you need us! For heating, bathroom, or plumbing work get in touch for your free, no-obligation quote today by calling us on 020 8855 0361 or requesting a FREE QUOTE here.

So many reasons why we’re different…

Here are just a few of the ones we think are important:

Ready to take the next step? Just get in touch! Ask us for your free, no-obligation quote today by calling us on 020 8855 0361, or we can give you a call back – just complete our online form. We look forward to meeting you.

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Plumbing? And heating? And bathrooms?

Yes, we can do anything related to plumbing! We install and renovate bathrooms. We install and service boilers. We know all about heating systems. And we can fix a leaky tap, mend a broken pipe, install a new dishwasher, and unblock a sink. Whatever it is you need us to do, we promise to bring the same high level of quality to each job and to leave you with some advice on how to keep it going for longer.

Choose Platinum Plumbers for exceptional bathrooms fitted for exceptional value (4)

Everything? Really?

Just try us! Here’s a flavour of some of the jobs we are asked to cover most often:


The Platinum Plumbers bathroom installation service

We have been installing bathrooms for a long time – 20 years to be precise. We can help make your new bathroom a reality by working with you to design it so that it’s just right for you and then installing it. Make the most of a luxurious bath or invigorating shower and sit back and enjoy your new slice of heaven without doing any of the hard work. Talk to us for full details and for a free, no-obligation quote today – just get in touch here.

Platinum Plumbers deliver both quality and value at al times, including boiler installations (5)

And not just specialists in installation

When it comes to bathrooms, we can do anything to give them a new lease of life. For a bathroom that’s as good as new we can help you by:


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Find out more about what we can do for you or ask us for your free, no-obligation quote today. You can call us on 020 8855 0361 or we’ll call you back, just complete our online form.

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Stay one step ahead of the cold

No one likes to feel cold, or to have cold water flowing through what should be the hot water taps. We can help make sure that doesn’t happen with our boiler servicing or installation services, so all you need to do is set the thermostat.

In the unlikely event that your boiler does break down, we’ll fix it right back up for you in no time. Give us a call and we’ll get you warmed up again as quickly as possible!

Platinum Plumbers deliver both quality and value (5)

Platinum Plumbers deliver both quality and value (7)

You need more than a boiler to make sure the heating works

Your boiler is important. But so are the other components of your heating system to keep it in full working order, including:


Over to you to get in touch with us. For your free, no-obligation quote or a chat to answer your questions, get in touch with us today. You can talk to us on 020 8855 0361, email us on or ask us to give you a call back by asking for your free quote here.

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Boiler installation: we’re in it for the long term


Boiler installation: we’re in it for the long term

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Bathroom fitters with style


Bathroom fitters with style

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About us

Our customer promise

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