What is a Saniflo toilet and do you need one?

A Saniflo toilet is a highly versatile addition to any bathroom. It offers the same benefits of a traditional toilet while being more water-efficient and easier to install. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new toilet to be installed quickly and simply, and it is compatible with existing plumbing.

How does a Saniflo toilet work?

A Saniflo toilet is used much like any other. The differences come in the mechanisms that activate after flushing. When the toilet is flushed, a blade macerates the waste to break it down. This makes it easier for the outflow pipes and plumbing to handle. The waste is stored in the soil stack, raising the water level which will trigger the float switch. This activates an impeller that powers the pump, which evacuates the waste from the toilet itself. This sends the waste out into the discharge pipe, clearing it from the toilet. It is sent into your normal drainage system or septic tank to be disposed of as it normally would.

Benefits of a Saniflo toilet

A Saniflo toilet brings with it a number of convenient benefits that make it ideal for any home.

Reduced water use

The macerator and impeller systems ensure that all waste is evacuated from your system using far less water than a traditional toilet system. By breaking the waste down it is far easier for the pipework to handle, ensuring your system continues functioning optimally.

Convenient installation

Standard toilets represent a significant logistical challenge to install. It is a time-consuming process that often requires part of the floor to be pulled up. The upflush function of the macerator means that extensive changes to your plumbing won’t be required, reducing the time and hassle of installation.

No underground drainage required

A Saniflo toilet is a highly versatile product that can be installed in far more places than a traditional unit. It does not require a drain line and can be installed in your bathroom without major expensive changes being made to your plumbing system.

Reliable system

The Saniflo toilet is highly reliable and can serve your home for ten to fifteen years, or even longer with further maintenance. It has a simple but effective design that is less likely to experience faults and reduces stress on the rest of your plumbing system.

Should you get Saniflo toilet?

Although their adaptability makes them well suited for any location, a Saniflo toilet is ideal for buildings in remote areas that do not have underground drainage. They are also ideal if you are trying to get a new bathroom or toilet installed quickly and conveniently. The nature of the system means you won’t need extensive work done to your plumbing to accommodate it, making a Saniflo well-suited to anyone pressed for time.

Installing a Saniflo toilet

One of the great benefits of a Saniflo toilet is the straightforward installation. First the discharge pipe will be connected to the soil stack and the system’s macerator. Then it will need to be linked to the water supply to ensure it is replenished with clean water to flush everything away and keep the system hygienic. The macerator pump will be connected to your electrical system to allow it to function. This can all be undertaken without any expensive or daunting changes to your bathroom or plumbing.

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