Are smart heating controls right for your home?


With the price of heating higher than ever, it is essential that you can control the heating system of your home. Our technicians here at Platinum Plumbers can install a range of smart heating controls as part of your new boiler fitting, or we can retrofit them to an existing system. Keep an eye on your heating and reduce your bills.

What are smart heating controls?

Smart heating controls are thermostatic devices installed in your heating system. They monitor your system and provide you with real-time information about your home’s heating. From a phone or tablet, you can then control these devices via the internet to adjust the heating in your property to your liking. You can do this from the comfort of your home, or remotely, to achieve the exact environment you want, whenever you want.

What are the benefits of smart heating controls?

Smart heating controls give you superior control over your home’s heating system. With the right devices, you’ll be able to take charge of your heating, creating a comfortable atmosphere whenever you need it, and saving you money on your bills.

Save on your bills

With such fine-tuned controls, you’ll be able to pay for exactly what you need, reducing waste heat. With the average family household set to spend £2,492.90 per year on heating, it’s essential to find a way to reduce your costs. If you can reduce your usage by just 10%, this works out at a £249 saving per year, an excellent result that makes a smart system highly worthwhile.

Control your heating while on the go

Smart controls allow you to control your heating remotely. If you’re away from home and realise you’ve left the heating on, simply turn it off with the press of a button. With smart controls, you’ll never have to waste money heating an empty building again. Alternatively, if you’re heading home, you can turn your system back on to make sure you return to a nice warm hou

Heat each room to your needs

Smart controls can also give you such fine control that you can tailor the temperature in each individual room. Keep the kitchen cool while you’re cooking whilst the living room is nice and warm. There’s no need to keep rooms warm unnecessarily or worry about overheating with your smart controls.

Intuitive systems

Some models will even predict the appropriate action to take based on your movements. With geofencing, the app can detect when you leave the house and turn the heating off automatically. It can also begin to predict your routines, if you’re often out on a Friday night, but in on a Saturday morning, the temperature will be adjusted to match. Others can even utilise weather forecasts and tweak the heating to suit the temperature outside, keeping your house constantly comfortable all year round.

With such fine control over your heating system, you can use only what you need. This will help you keep on top of your bills and save you money. You can sit back and relax in cost-effective comfort.

Are smart heating controls right for me?

Everyone can benefit from smart heating controls. All you need is a boiler and a smartphone. Not just for the gadget-obsessed, the systems are intuitive, user friendly, and in some cases automatic. They live up to their name as ‘smart’ controls, combining intelligent design with fine-tuned mechanisms to help you take charge of your heating.

Smart controls are perfect for anyone worried they are spending too much on their heating. If you’re looking to save some money on your bills without sacrificing comfort in your home, then smart controls are the ideal solution. Just call 020 8855 0361 or email to speak to Platinum Plumbers and find out more about installing smart heating controls at your home.

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