How to save water at home

Has 2020 inspired you to take the necessary steps to better yourself and your lifestyle? Why not start with saving your water at home. With many different ways to do this, we have summarised the most popular and effective water saving techniques in the hope that they can inspire you.

Install a water meter

If you don’t already have a water meter, getting one installed will be beneficial when it comes to monitoring your water usage. To check if you already have a water meter built in, you may need to check outside of your home, likely on the kerb adjacent to the front of your house. Keeping track of your water each month will allow you to notice when something isn’t quite right, such as sudden, increased usage. You could then determine if there is an unknown leak within the pipes of your home, allowing you to fix the fault sooner than you would do without a meter.

Shorten your shower times

We all love a refreshing shower in the morning to wake us up and allow us to be ready for the day ahead, but do you really need to use all that time standing under the running shower head? By cutting your shower time down by just one minute, you could be saving around seven litres of water. If each person within your home participated in this effort, just think of the levels of water you could save each day!

Turn off that tap

It really does come down to the little things when trying to save water. Picture this, when you are brushing your teeth, what steps do you take? Dampen the brush.. squeeze on the toothpaste.. start brushing? If so, there is your need for change. After dampening your brush, turn that tap off! Leaving water running for two minutes, morning and evening, could mean you are wasting an additional 14 litres of water each day. Just as before, imagine the water saving you could achieve if all the family took part with this step.

Utilise your washing machine

Each time you use your washing machine, it is likely that you are using around 50 litres of water per cycle. To use this water level to its greatest advantage, ensure that you are filling your machine up to its maximum weight capacity. This will allow you to wash as many clothes as you would do ordinarily whilst saving on the litres of water you use.

Fix your drips

Dipping taps can become a nuisance. Not only for the repetitive sound of water landing in a small puddle in your sink whilst you try to sleep each night, but because, without you even realising, you could be wasting around 250 litres a month. It may seem like a small amount of water disappearing down your plughole, but if you total it up, we can guarantee a grand total of wasted water.

Cutting down the water usage in your home can be easier than you think once you eliminate the simple factors. If you have discovered a leak or fault within the pipes of your home, allow us here at Platinum Plumbers to assist you. Call us on 020 8855 0361.

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