How to save water around your home


During the warmest months of the year, it is likely we will all be using increased amounts of water around the home to keep us cool and hydrated. With this increased water usage, you may be concerned that your water bills will begin to rise. In order to avoid these large water costs this summer, there are a few simple ways that you may not have even considered to make your home more water efficient. These are methods you can use all year round. Allow us to provide you with our top water saving tips…

Top tips to save water around your home

These straightforward tips are quick and easy adjustments to make, but can result in large savings in the long term…

Shower usage

Showers can use large amounts of water in short spaces of time, with standard shower heads using around 11 litres of water a minute. Replacing your existing shower head with a more water efficient one can cut your clean water usage by up to 60%, making it an easy way to reduce your water bills all year round. Not only is replacing your showerhead worthwhile, but even shortening your shower by a couple of minutes each day can result in significant yearly savings on your energy, water, and sewerage bills.

Tap usage

Leaving your tap running can use as much as 5 litres of water per minute, water which you may not even be using. Leaving this tap on whilst brushing your teeth, washing your face, or shaving can use large amounts of water over a short space of time. So, next time you are brushing your teeth with the tap running, only turning it on when you need it can go a long way to reducing the amount of waste water you create. You should also keep a close eye on your taps even when you are not using them, as faulty dripping taps can waste up to 15 litres of water per day. These are easily fixed and can result in large savings.

Toilet usage

Toilet flushing accounts for 1/3 of the water you use in your home each day, so this is an area where you could save a large amount of water. If your toilet has a dual flush, you can use the smaller flush option where you can, which uses a significantly smaller amount. You could also install a water saving device within the cistern, which is a cheap but effective way of reducing the amount of water used when you flush the toilet.

Water-saving appliances

As well as using more water friendly shower heads, there are plenty of other appliances you can use throughout your home that will help you save water all year round. Modern washing machines and dishwashers have become more water-efficient in recent years, so you can expect to save large amounts of water and energy by installing new appliances. Once you have these water efficient appliances in place, you should make sure that you run them with full loads and on the most efficient settings. If they have an ECO setting, this reduces the amount of water and energy used on each cycle.

Other devices in your home

Installing a water meter in your home could be a smart way of saving water, as this will clearly show you how much water you are using in a bill. Monitoring your water usage could give you more of an incentive to cut back. A water butt is a great way of utilising natural water instead of your drinking water supplies. Installing one of these to your drainpipe can collect gallons of water for you to use to water plants or clean your car.

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