Reasons why your water bill may be on the rise


Most households have their water usage documented accurately by a water meter, and they will then be sent regular statements on how much they owe for their monthly or annual usage. If you keep track of your water bills and compare them to the previous statements, you will be able to notice if they are rising unexpectedly. Today, we are here to talk about the reasons why your bill may be on the rise and the ways in which you could limit your water usage per month, allowing you save whilst cutting those costs down.

Before getting yourself into a confusion or panic in regard to your rising water bill, take a moment to think back on the last month. There could be a reasonable explanation to high water usage, such as:

  • Building or renovation work which could have required higher demand for water usage
  • Hot weather leading you to water your plants regularly or leaving the sprinkler on
  • Spending more time indoors due to a national lockdown could have caused an increase in water usage
  • If you have had a frequent flow of visitors, the demand for water may have increased

If none of these options seem applicable to your household situation, it may be that you have a fault with one of your household appliances, such as a dripping tap, leaking pipes or even a leaking washing machine. You can call for a professional to assess your plumbing and determine the cause of any faulted appliances, as well as carry out a repair or replacement which should get your water bills back on track.

Quick ways to save

Reducing the amount of water your household utilises will allow you to significantly cut down on your costs, and these changes needn’t affect your daily routine! They can be as simple as the following:

  • Limit how often you use your washing machine. Use it only when you have enough clothes, towels or bedding to fill the machine and make the wash worth its while. This can potentially turn three washes into one, saving on water and energy.
  • Limit how much you use your dishwasher. Don’t put your dishwasher on until it is completely full, allowing it to begin its cleaning cycle to its maximum use whilst remaining efficient.
  • Turn off your taps whilst brushing your teeth. As one of the largest methods of wasting water, leaving the tap turned on whilst not utilising it can waste anything between eight and fifteen litres each minute. By only turning your tap on when necessary you could be saving yourself up to 30 litres of water – and that is just from brushing your teeth!
  • Much alike the previous point, cutting your shower time down by one minute could save you around nine litres of water. A standard 5-minute shower utilises around 45 litres of water, which is almost enough to fill a whole bath!
  • You could limit your hosepipe allowance by investing in a water butt for your garden, allowing you to use recycled rainwater for watering your plants without it costing you a penny. Besides, with the amount of rainfall we get in the UK, you can probably rely on it always being full!

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