Top 6 plumbing tips for summer


Now that summer has arrived once again, everyone will want to be outside enjoying the sun and you will not want to be dealing with any plumbing problems in your home. With the warmer temperatures and more time spent outside, it is likely your plumbing systems will be put under more pressure than any other time of year. We would recommend carrying out a few checks and bearing in mind a few important things before summer is in full swing, so that you won’t have to call in a professional. Here are our top plumbing tips:

Check your plumbing for leaks

Over the winter, it is possible that the colder weather and icy conditions have caused damage to your plumbing. You should check for leaks by looking over any pipes, taps, shower heads, or outdoor plumbing to make sure there are no signs of damage.  Water leaks can be costly as they waste water and could cause further damage to your home. To save money on your water bill and any home repairs caused by leaks, it is worthwhile carrying out these quick checks.

Check appliances

Appliances such as your washing machine or kitchen sinks are likely to see a lot of usage in summer months, with the family spending more time outdoors, so you will want to make there are no problems with the cold-water supply. You should check the hoses of appliances to make sure each they are not kinked or damaged or replace these rubber hoses with steel ones to make them more durable.

Avoid clogging your toilet

A clogged toilet can cause a lot of frustration but is easily avoidable. You should place a small bin next to your toilet, encouraging your family to avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper when using the bathroom. In the event that your toilet does become blocked, keep a plunger handy to attempt to clear the blockage yourself before calling a professional.

Conserve water

One of the most common summer plumbing problems many of our customers face is water consumption. The last thing you will want to deal with is a large water bill from all this extra usage. Summer is the best time to check for any dripping taps that may be wasting water orto put in place other water saving measures such as shorter showers and not leaving taps on when brushing your teeth.

Water pressure

With the increased usage your plumbing appliances will see over the summer, you will want to ensure that you maintain good water pressure. You should regularly check your pressure gauge to make sure that your taps and showers will continue to operate correctly.

Unclogging your drains

Summer storms are not uncommon, as the hot weather can often be closely followed by heavy rain and thunder. This can lead to dirt and debris as well as rainwater flowing into your drain, even causing a backup in your sewer lines. Booking an inspection to your sewer pipes can make sure that they are in their best condition to avoid a backup from occurring.

If you require assistance with preparing your plumbing systems for the summer months, or you have encountered one of the aforementioned problems and require the assistance of a professional, our team of fully qualified plumbers at Platinum Plumbers can offer their help. Give us a call on 020 8855 0361 or email so that we can arrange a visit to your property to get to the bottom of the issue.

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