4 plumbing resolutions you should utilise in 2021


With the new year fast approaching, the idea of resolutions begin to float around our minds. For the year of 2021, why not dedicate your resolution to your home? There are four common plumbing errors seen throughout many homes all over the UK and by changing these in a positive way, you could be saving your plumbing from any repair or replacement work whilst also saving your pocket from losing any unnecessary pounds – it’s a win win!

Dispose of your waste

As humans, if there is a shortcut, we are more often than not programmed to take it. This is shown by many homes rinsing their dinner plates in the sink before placing them into the dishwasher, leaving food residue sitting in the plug hole. Over time, this can build up and clog your drain. The same process occurs with oils and greases, requiring a professional to unblock your plumbing to allow your water to flow as it should. For your resolution, remember to scrape any food residue into the bin before cleaning your utensils and allow your oils and greases to cool and harden before disposing of them in the waste bin.

Stop using your toilet as your bin

Another habit that homeowners up and down the country have grown used to is using the toilet to dispose of unnecessary items. From makeup wipes to sanitary packaging, it is extremely common to see plumbing issues occur due to the neglect of basic care for our pipes. Toilet paper is made specifically to break down correctly whilst travelling through our plumbing, whilst other bathroom objects have not been produced in such a way. In 2021, try to remember that if it isn’t toilet paper – it must head for the bin!

Remove hair from plugholes

Each day, it is normal for us to lose around 100 strands of hair. It is highly likely that these will most often be located within the plughole of your shower. With your shower being utilized daily, it is common for the hair to slip down the plug and cause an extreme blockage in your drain which may require professional removal. Once a week, take the time to remove any hair that has gathered around the plughole and dispose of it in your bathroom bin, allowing water to travel freely down your drain.

Act on faults

As tempting as it is for all of us, especially throughout times where money may be tight, it is important to train yourself into not pushing any lingering plumbing faults to the back of your mind. A dripping tap or low water pressure can be factors which we can easily adapt to, but the longer these are left, the larger the repair work may be. As helpful as it may be, problems don’t fix themselves overnight, so if you experience a plumbing fault within your home, act on it as soon as you can.

If you are looking for additional ways to save money with your plumbing for 2021, or suspect that you are in need of specialist maintenance, get in touch with our team here at Platinum Plumbers by calling 020 8855 0361 where we will be happy to help you.

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