How safe is my boiler?

Boiler inspection

Are you concerned about your boiler’s safety? These days modern boilers are much safer than the boilers of old. Modern boilers have a balanced flue and are room sealed which ensures that toxic gases cannot escape into the room. They also have extra safety features which cause them to cut out if the flue is blocked in any way.

Nevertheless, any gas appliance carries with it potential dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and it’s good to be aware.

Watch out for the following warning signs:

My boiler smells of gas

If you smell gas from the flue system on the outside of your property, this is quite common, and there’s probably nothing to worry about. You should still switch your boiler off and have it checked by a professional Gas Safe engineer to be safe.

On the other hand, if you smell gas from anywhere inside your property, you may have a gas leak. You must immediately turn off your electricity supply, turn off your gas supply at the meter and request an emergency Gas Safe inspection of your boiler.

My boiler is leaking water

Your boiler should not be leaking water, but if it does it’s not a danger to you unless the boiler is still switched on. Turn off your boiler to prevent your electrics short-circuiting and to prevent any further damage to your property. Call a Gas Safe engineer to take a look.

My boiler is making strange noises

Boilers can sometimes make strange noises, but most of the time it’s nothing to be concerned about. The noises could be due to a pressure problem, a heat pump issue, a broken valve, or sludge blocking up your water pipes. If you hear a banging noise when the oil burner starts, that could indicate an issue with unburned fuel in your combustion chamber. The best thing is to call a Gas Safe engineer to diagnose the fault.

My boiler pressure is too high

Your boiler pressure should be maintained at around 1.5 bar. Sometimes you might see the pressure on your boiler jumping up and down. Don’t worry – your boiler is not about to explode. Your boiler has a safety valve which will release excess pressure if it gets too high. Most likely your boiler’s expansion device is faulty or the fill valve has been left open. Call a Gas Safe engineer to check it out.

My boiler pressure is too low

If your boiler’s pressure is below the recommended 1.5 bar, it might start to make clanking or banging noises. Don’t worry – there’s simply not enough water in your boiler. However, your boiler will overheat and the pump will make a grinding noise. In this situation, isolate your boiler from its water and electrical supply and call a Gas Safe engineer.

My pilot light flame has changed colour

Your pilot light should normally be a bright blue or bluish-green flame with a small yellow spot at the tip. If it turns orange or yellow and the flame starts to look weak, this is a sign that there’s not enough oxygen to burn the fuel and carbon monoxide could be present. You must turn off your boiler immediately and have a Gas Safe engineer inspect it.

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