Gas Safety First: The Essential Checks You Need for Peace of Mind

One of the finest inventions in the history of mankind has been the invention of fire. It changed how we used to cook our meals, fight darkness, and keep ourselves warm.

After the invention of fire, modern man was introduced to gas, a hazardous substance. However, today, we cannot imagine our lives without gas appliances like boilers, gas fires, and cookers. As gas is a hazardous substance, we need to keep in mind a few gas safety checks to ensure there are no mishappenings.

A report by Gas Safe Register mentions that London is the second most dangerous area in the UK after South East England. In London, 1 in every 4 homes have unsafe gas appliances. Therefore, taking precautions and ensuring gas safety checks is essential to avoid any potential hazard.

Tips to Follow for a Gas-Safe Home & Ensure Gas Safety Check

When gas appliances are mishandled, they can leak, causing fire, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, taking care of gas-safe regulations when handling such appliances becomes mandatory.

Having a professional who can take care of the gas appliances during installation is the best thing you can do to protect your home from gas leakage. In addition, you can also follow several checks and precautions to keep away any disaster and make your home gas safe.

Here are a few warning signs that you can watch out for:

  • Smoke coming from the appliance
  • Appliances become noisy suddenly
  • The amount of condensation increases in the room where appliances are kept
  • Gas appliances get covered with black soot marks
  • The colour of the pilot flame changes from blue to yellow

Other tips to ensure gas safety checks and reduce the chances of fire include:

●      Keeping a check on the ventilation

If there are black soot marks on your appliances, be careful as it shows a ventilation problem. Your ventilation might be blocked, causing black marks on your appliances. Check your chimneys and air vents and always keep them clean to avoid any blockage.

●      Using a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, colourless, and odourless gas that can cause an explosion. Therefore, it becomes difficult to detect gas leakage without a carbon monoxide detector. You can buy the detectors online or through stores. However, ensure they match the gas-safe regulations and are compliant with the European safety standards.

●      Positioning the fire safety alarm properly

Once you have bought the fire safety alarm, the next step is to position them correctly. The alarm should be fixed in the same room as the appliances and must be positioned at head height. Also, ensure no other object is obstructing it, and it is far from a source of ventilation. The alarm should be fixed at least one meter away from the appliances.

●      Maintaining and testing fire alarm

Another gas safety check that you should keep in mind is the timely testing of the fire alarm. You can use the ‘test’ button on the alarm to know it’s working and the batteries do not need a replacement. In case it is not working, you can change the batteries or get it repaired.

●      Not using any appliances if you aren’t sure about their safety

Get your gas appliances checked by a professional from time to time. If you are unsure that your appliances are working properly, refrain from using them. First, get them checked and then start using them.

●      Taking professional services for maintenance

After every 6-12 months, you should get your appliances checked by an authorized professional. Do not forget to get a gas safety certificate from the professionals after they have checked your appliances thoroughly.

Things to Keep in Mind in Case of Gas Leakage

Every year, several gas leakages are reported across England. In a research conducted by Fair Fix, 270 gas explosions were reported across England in 2021-22. 30% of these explosions resulted in injuries or deaths.

This shows that performing gas safety checks at personal and professional levels is necessary to avoid such accidents.

Following gas safety regulations are necessary, and you should ensure that everybody in your home knows the steps to be taken if they suspect a gas leak. Taking immediate action can avoid damage to lives and properties.

Here are a few tips to follow to ensure gas safety checks in case of leakage.

  • Move out of your home and evacuate it immediately.
  • Turn off your gas meter immediately. Ensure everyone in your house knows where the meter is and how it can be turned off.
  • Don’t touch any switches or try to turn on/off any electrical appliances. It can create a spark and cause a fire.
  • Open all windows and doors so fresh air can enter your home.
  • Call the National Gas Emergency Number for help. The gas engineers will be at your home to avoid any dangerous situation. However, ensure that you do not use any mobile phone in your home when there is a gas leak. You can step out of the house and maintain a safe distance before using mobile phones.

Keeping these points in your head and acting accordingly can help you avoid fire damage. You can contact gas-safe plumbers to know if your electrical appliances are in good condition and working smoothly.

Getting Your Gas Appliances Checked For a Perfect Gas Safety Check

When getting your gas appliances checked, you should always book a professional service. It ensures that the safety checks are in line with the government rules and regulations.

The professionals will also help you understand if all or a few of your appliances require safety checks. Sometimes, a fault in installing the gas pipes can result in leakage. To avoid such mishaps, you can contact the plumbing experts at Platinum Plumbers. Our plumbers have years of experience, so they identify plumbing problems quickly and take proper action to avoid damage to life and property. We provide plumbing services in London in three steps. Our experts discuss your problems, provide accurate service, and then take a thorough follow-up.

Wrapping it Up

Keeping your family and home away from danger is your priority. Many fire cases have taken a toll on life and property. Therefore, ensuring gas safety checks becomes a prerequisite. You must follow gas-safe regulations, maintain your gas appliances, check the fire alarms, and ensure everyone in your family knows how to act in case of a gas leak. Following the safety standards can keep you away from getting into a hazardous situation. You can always keep your gas pipes intact and immediately check for any plumbing problems with Platinum Plumbers.

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