Platinum Plumbers – Are magnetic filters worth it?


If you have a central heating system, you may have heard about magnetic filters. But what exactly are they, what do they do, and do you really need one?

The thing with boilers is that you want them to run efficiently, to last as long as possible, and to require as few repairs as possible. Magnetic filters help to ensure your boiler runs smoothly, enjoys a longer lifespan and costs you less in energy bills.

What is a magnetic filter?

As water flows through the metal pipes and radiators in your central heating system, rust can start to form. Over time, the rust will break off and combine with other debris and dirt to form a mud-like sludge. This sludge is carried throughout your central system where it can build up and cause problems.

Magnetic filters are designed to catch the sludge and prevent these problems from occurring. The magnetic aspect of the filters helps them to attract and remove the corroded iron and steel elements within the sludge. Some designs also have a gravity filter to remove non-ferrous debris.

Why do I need a magnetic filter?

Having a magnetic filter is highly recommended. In fact, when you are having a new boiler installed, you must ensure you get a magnetic filter fitted to it.

Magnetic filters offer you numerous benefits:

  • More efficient central heating system
  • Annual energy bills reduced by up to 6%
  • Greatly reduced need for expensive repairs
  • Longer boiler lifespan
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased length of boiler warranty

What if I don’t have a magnetic filter?

If you don’t have a magnetic filter, the sludge that forms from the rust inside your system can start to cause some troubling side effects, including:

  • Strange noises from your boiler and radiators
  • Radiators not heating properly
  • Cloudy water from your taps
  • Boiler overheating and shutting down

In addition, by not having a filter, you could invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty. At the same time, the efficiency of your boiler will be compromised, causing your electricity bills to rise. Eventually you may have to consider getting a new boiler.

Can I add a magnetic filter to my existing system?

Magnetic filters are fixed to the pipe that returns water to your boiler after it has travelled around your central heating system. They are usually added to boilers during installation.

If you don’t have a magnetic filter on your system, it may be possible to have one fitted. Contact a qualified plumber or heating engineer, and they will be able to tell you if you can.

How do I clean a magnetic filter?

The sludge that a magnetic filter collects must be removed every so often. The easiest way is to ask your plumber or heating engineer to inspect and clean the filter when they carry out your annual boiler service. It’s quite easy for them to do and shouldn’t add much time or cost to the service.

Keep up with this maintenance, and you can be assured that your magnetic filter will continue to protect your boiler and central heating system for years to come.

Are magnetic filters worth it?

Hopefully by now you’ll agree with us that they most definitely are! Having a magnetic filter that’s regularly maintained will benefit you with long-term savings on energy bills, reduced repair costs and an extended lifespan on your boiler.

Are you thinking about getting a new boiler with a magnetic filter or having a magnetic filter fitted to an existing boiler? Just get in touch with our qualified heating specialists at Platinum Plumbers. Call us on 020 8855 0361 or email us for a friendly chat or to book an appointment.

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