5 summer problems you may encounter with your plumbing

Now that we are well into summer, you may be noticing that the plumbing at your home is being pushed to it’s limits. This may be due to the fact that the children are having time off of school or you may be hosting plenty of garden parties to make the most of the weather and social gatherings. Either way, this could have a significant impact on your water usage and plumbing system, so we have highlighted some issues that you may be encountering and have suggested the best ways to manage these. This may help you avoid any costly long-term issues with your drains and toilets.

Large amounts of washing

With more time spent outside soaking up the sun, the chances are there is going to be plenty of washing to get through. The fact that your kids may be off of school or home from university will only add to the heavy loads that your washing machine may be dealing with. To avoid overworking your machine, try to stick to smaller loads at a time and regularly check the hose to ensure there are no leaks or kinks. If you are experiencing continued issues, we recommend calling out a plumber to take a look.

Toilet usage

With children potentially spending more time at home and more guests coming over for garden parties or BBQ’s, it is inevitable that your toilet will see a higher amount of usage in the summer months. This increased amount of waste and toilet paper can create blockages which could lead to a risk of flooding and end up with you calling out a plumber. To reduce the chances of this, why not consider putting a bin out for objects that could cause clogging such as wet wipes and feminine hygiene products. A sign reminding guests may also do the job in easing the amount of harmful waste being thrown into the toilet.

Blocked drains

Many of us will be planning staycations or day breaks once again this year, but this could cause your drains to struggle to cope. All that sand brought back from the beach, combined with hair and other forms of dirt and debris, can quickly cause your shower drains to block and flood your bathroom. To reduce this risk, it is advised to shower off at the beach before you drive home, or simply brush this dirt and sand off before stepping into the shower or loading up the washing machine. Additionally, clear your plug hole regularly of any hair to prevent this building up and causing bigger problems in future.


Whilst it’s likely that are spending more time in your garden over these months of the year, you may have invested in a sprinkler system to keep your grass regularly watered, ensuring it looks great for any visitors you may have. It is important to check this regularly, as faulty sprinklers could lead to you getting a nasty shock when your water bill arrives. You will also want to keep them out of the way when mowing the lawn or having people in the garden, as they could be trampled easily and require fixing.

Pipe blockages

Over the summer months, tree roots will spread out to soak up more water which may present some serious issues for underground pipes. These roots can cause blockages in drains and sewers, meaning the water in your toilet could become backed up. The best way to avoid this is to not plant any trees too close to your home so that pipes can remain unaffected. If you do see or smell anything that could indicate that there may be a blockage, get in contact with an experienced plumber to have your pipes inspected.

At Platinum Plumbers, we are here to help with any issues you may encounter with plumbing in your home this summer. Our experienced team are on hand to inspect any issues and carry out repairs to ease your concerns. Call us on 020 8855 0361 or email if you require our services.

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