Everything you need to know about boiler pressure

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Your boiler may not be the first thing on your mind in the middle of the summer, but now is exactly the right time for an inspection or service. It’s also a good time to learn about boiler pressure – what it should be and what you can do if it’s not quite right –

Underfloor heating: when is it right for your home?

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With the hottest bank holiday on record behind us we are all looking forward to some warm weather, finally. So we are pretty sure that the last thing on your mind right now is your home’s central heating system. But this is the best time to be thinking about it, especially if you are considering

Regulating sludge in central heating systems

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You have no doubt turned on your heating by now as we have already been seeing some rather cold weather with more to come. Perhaps you have turned it on and found that it’s not heating up as well? Or maybe you vented it and found that it had some black-coloured water? If you’ve never

The importance of regular maintenance to your boiler

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According to the Energy Saving Trust a boiler is the most common way of heating our homes in the UK. Increasingly, combi boilers are used as older boilers are replaced as they are efficient and provide hot water on demand as well as powering a home’s central heating system. Most run on gas although there

Three signs your boiler is a death trap

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A CO2 leak from your boiler could kill within hours, yet despite this many homeowners forget at least one of their annual services in their boiler’s lifetime. If you can’t remember when you last had yours serviced, you could soon become one of the annual 4,000 people who are admitted to A and E with

Tackling the top five boiler problems

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Every 20 seconds a boiler somewhere in the UK comes to a noisy, grinding halt – leaving property inhabitants cold, unwashed and seriously out of out of luck. Whilst you may automatically reach for the phone to call in the plumbers pronto, it may be a simple problem that could be tackled in two minutes